A downloadable game for Windows

I made a game in like 2 weeks and I regret nothinggg

This is a fairly dialogue-heavy game (like over 200 lines I think) with lots of small interactive scenes involving your friend Zoey's bedroom

The audio levels are a bit on the quiet side but don't be afraid to turn your sound up, there aren't any unusually loud noises that could freak the heck out of you!

       fullscreen makes everything pixely so maybe try to play it in windowed

edit: Thanks so much for 200 downloads! This is really cool to have something of mine get so much attention! <3 Thanks guys


ZsRoom.exe 9 MB


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Really enjoyed the game! The writing was really great and the mini games were fun! Great vibe! Thanks!

Very cute and charming game!! I love your art style! 

Keep up the good work! 

this game is cute and i like cute

Really nice fun, cute and short game. Loved it :)

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Wow!! So good! I loved this game from start to.. well I didn't find the end. But I enjoyed it none-the-less! I feel super inspired after playing this, there should be more games like this so please make them thank you :)


Thank you dude!!

(i love your games btw)

lol this sounds relly funny! :)

Looks neat. Any chance of getting a web build?

probably not dude


ahh that was just adorable


it is soooooo cool


really fantastic, loved the boil on everything!


Very sweet work. I liked that there were so many interaction options. :)